Just Fucking Google It

Just Fucking Google It
By ageorg

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Δρόμοι και εικόνες της Ελλάδας –

“Περιηγηθείτε στην πόλη κάνοντας κλικ στα γαλάζια βελάκια. Για να κοιτάξετε προς οποιαδήποτε διεύθυνση, κρατήστε πατημένο το αριστερό πλήκτρο από το ποντίκι, όσο το μετακινείτε προς την κατεύθυνση που θέλετε. Για να μετακινηθείτε πιο γρήγορα, κάντε αριστερό κλικ στον χάρτη, στο σημείο που θέλετε να μεταβείτε…”. Δεν είναι του Google
By ageorg

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FriendFeed Optimization Feature Requests

As I mention from time to time, I never have enough of a good thing. FriendFeed is more than good, it’s great. Greatness has a tencency to increase expectations. These are a few optimization suggestions to raise the experience from “great” to “near perfect” (as new requests will probably always exist):

Discussions is a great strength […]

Optimize Firefox with 9+1 Must Have Add-ons

During my early days as an IT support person (well before USB flash drives, external hard disks and recordable CDs), I picked up the habit to not be dependent on anything not included in Windows (v. 3.0, at the time) if I could help it. So I got used to working on the setups my […]

7 Favorite, Value Adding FriendFeed Applications

I like FriendFeed much better than Twitter; that’s no secret. In a conversation with @Trianta earlier today, it seems the only FriendFeed desktop clients out there are the Adobe Air-based Twhirl and feedalizr. They both leave a lot to be desired. There is also the announcement of  .NET-based FriendFeed Client. Web-based FriendFeed applications are also […]

News Reading Thoughts

I never have enough of a good thing. The first time I read the online edition of a magazine I immediately wished for a filtered edition which would only contain the articles of my choice. When Greek Naftemporiki newspaper’s online-edition provided filtered, personalized content, I immediately wished for a method to push the content to […]

The Google Android Platform

I read about Open Handset Alliance‘s Android platform and cellular phones with great interest. The web is full of specs, reviews, comparisons and the like. I just can’t help but share the following thoughts:

Sometimes it seems Google’s Android is the second touch screen platform after Apple’s iPhone

I can’t understand why Android-based HTC G1 and other […]

Firefox 3 Add-ons Updates Wishlist

Now that Mozilla Firefox 3 RC2 is out, it’s about time all add-ins are updated.

My personal favorites (therefore wishlist) that are not working yet (in alphabetical order): Firebug, FireFTP, Google Browser Sync, Google Toolbar for Firefox, PlainOldFavorites, SEOpen, AddThis.

In all fairness, I am also thankfully mentioning the ones that are already working: BlockSite, DownThemAll, Facebook […]