The Starting Specs are:

Operating System:

Android 2.2




10.16cm, 4,0-inch SuperLCD multitouch-sensitive screen with 480×800 WVGA resolution


Three built-in microphones
(Telephone, camera and noise-reduction)


Proximity sensor
Ambient light sensor
Accelerometer sensor




Four […]

Desktop Linux: The Dream

Despite phenomenal security and stability–and amazing strides in usability, performance, and compatibility–Linux simply isn’t catching on with desktop users. And if there ever was a chance for desktop Linux to succeed, that ship has long since sunk.

Over the past few years, modern Linux distributions such as Ubuntu have utterly transformed the open-source desktop user experience […]

Facebook in Online Privacy Breach; Applications Transmitting Identifying Information


Facebook’s security settings and terms of service leave a lot to be desired. Changes that happen every now and then are difficult to follow and certainly not always for the better for users concerned about their privacy. On top of that, what apps are supposed to do and don’t do and how these […] vs.Microsoft Office


It is all over the news, but it’s not that new. Microsoft has just legitimized as an opponent office suite… Actually, Microsoft has been answering about Office vs. for quite a long time now.

Googling for “office vs. openoffice” (without the quotes) just returned “About 2,460 results” in the […]

Thunderbird – Temporarily Switch Composing Between Plain Text/HTML

TIP: Thunderbird – Temporarily Switch Composing Between Plain Text/HTML

In order to temporarily switch your composing format for a message, hold the [SHIFT] key while clicking the “Write” (Compose) button.

If your default format is Plain Text, the message format will be in HTML format. If your […]

Windows Phone 7 or Android for Horde, Lightning and mobile phone synchronization?


Starting fresh with Windows Phone 7 was a bold decision on behalf of Microsoft. Whether it will be a successful one remains to be seen. Being an old Windows CE, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile user about to buy a new phone, I have been waiting for WP7’s release eagerly.

I have been […]

WM, Android, or, maybe, a Maemo smartphone?

I am a long time user of Windows CE, Pocket PC and lately Windows Mobile devices. I am no fan of Microsoft’s. However, I have always thought their mobile OS, although not always the best and, certainly not open, it was a step in the right direction with decent devices and plenty of software.

It’s time […]

Ning Greek Localization Error in Translation

Localization is no easy task and translations can be tricky themselves. Four wrong Ning Forum’s terms in greek are such victims of an honest […]

PeopleBrowsr: The Multi-Social-Networks Client Pros, Cons & Wishlist

PeopleBrowsr is an excellent multi social networks client. Although still in Beta RC 1.5, it is very rich in features and often leads the way for dedicated clients. On the flip side, it has a number of issues that prevent it from being the hands down client of choice, nor a one stop shop for […]

Twitter Lists Support: Management Status & Optimization Wishlist

I follow 2001 Twitter accounts (the limit Twitter inexplicably imposes for my number of followers). I have created some Twitter Lists and added some accounts in them, usually as I come across them. Twitter’s web interface leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to Lists management, so, this is a slow, painful process. […]