Webmail vs IMAP4 vs POP3. Or not?

With email dominating a good part of our communication, mailbox management is an ever growing issue. This is primarily intended for people who access their email from at least two different email clients (webmail counts as one) and people who share a mailbox with others.

I want access to my email via webmail and offline acceess […]

WordPress: External RSS Feeds Optimization with KB Advanced RSS

Apart from its own Ice Tea tech blog, also displays two external feeds relating to Optimization and Standards. I needed to optimize the post titles of these two feeds by getting rid of their long suffixes, both for better looks and for more content within the same space.

The feeds were served by the standard […]

Your home on camera, live

Two weeks ago I was asked again to install a couple of cameras to watch a newborn baby at home (with the sitter…).

Provided there is an ADSL in the premises, the task is trivial, tech-wise. In this case, the heart of the system is an AVM Fritz ADSL modem, 4 port switch, wireless Access Point […]

NAS for shared storage

I have been hooked on the idea of NAS (Network Attached Storage) since around 2000, when I first read about it. Of course, capacities and costs back then were out of this world.

Today I installed an Infrant Technologies ReadyNAS NV+ with 4 Seagate ST3500630AS Barracuda 500GB SATA2 hot-swappable hard disks and 1 gigabit ethernet port. […]