PCs and the Internet: Addiction Magnets or just Tools?

The traditional Media (at least in Greece, where I live) don’t treat computing nor the Internet right. I don’t know if  it’s because of ignorance or because they feel threatened by it. However, I do get the impression that, most of the time, when radio, TV or the press mention PCs and/or the Internet it’s […]

Green IT Services : Catalyst for Cost Optimization – IT articles, Hardware & Software, Computer vendors in India, IT industry in India : Latest IT News

“According to a recently released global enterprise survey, India is a world leader in green IT potential. The Indian respondents scored over others in expecting to pay 5% or more for green technology if its benefits for the environment and return on investment (ROI) are proven. Green technology is technology with efficient power consumption, reusable […]

Microsoft IE and Standards Compliance

There is an indirect update to my December 16, 2007 “Web browser standards: Opera Software vs Microsoft” post in the “Internet Explorer 8 and Acid2: A Milestone” IEBlog post. The way I see it, Microsoft effectively confirms allegations about not complying with standards (by, at least, not seriously updating IE6 in over 5 years and […]