How to Get Thunderbird to Remember Passwords

No checkbox to remember passwords

It can happen that you will find no checkbox in Thunderbird to remember passwords. To change this, you will need to edit the prefs.js file, located in the Thunderbird profile folder.

Close Thunderbird and open the prefs.js file in Notepad or another editor (make a backup copy of prefs.js first, as […]

Windows Phone 7 or Android for Horde, Lightning and mobile phone synchronization?


Starting fresh with Windows Phone 7 was a bold decision on behalf of Microsoft. Whether it will be a successful one remains to be seen. Being an old Windows CE, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile user about to buy a new phone, I have been waiting for WP7’s release eagerly.

I have been […]

WM, Android, or, maybe, a Maemo smartphone?

I am a long time user of Windows CE, Pocket PC and lately Windows Mobile devices. I am no fan of Microsoft’s. However, I have always thought their mobile OS, although not always the best and, certainly not open, it was a step in the right direction with decent devices and plenty of software.

It’s time […]

Android Market Business and Program Policies

Android Market (“Market”) is owned and operated by Google Inc. Your use of Android Market is subject to your agreement to the policies set forth below, which may be updated from time to time.
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The Google Android Platform

I read about Open Handset Alliance‘s Android platform and cellular phones with great interest. The web is full of specs, reviews, comparisons and the like. I just can’t help but share the following thoughts:

Sometimes it seems Google’s Android is the second touch screen platform after Apple’s iPhone

I can’t understand why Android-based HTC G1 and other […]