WM, Android, or, maybe, a Maemo smartphone?

I am a long time user of Windows CE, Pocket PC and lately Windows Mobile devices. I am no fan of Microsoft’s. However, I have always thought their mobile OS, although not always the best and, certainly not open, it was a step in the right direction with decent devices and plenty of software.

It’s time for a new smartphone. I admit habits die hard and this is the first time since 2000 I am actually considering changing mobile platform. Not because touchscreens were “non-existent” before multi-touch, as Apple fans would put it, but because Microsoft has, or is close to managing what seemed impossible: lose in the software availability arena. Most new mobile applications for new Web 2 needs are created for the iPhone and Android first and for Blackberry and WM later.

Microsoft clearly failed to recognize the mobile devices market trends in time and doesn’t even seem to do anything serious about it. WM updates are drugged by hardware and other developments and are nothing to write home about. Devices are still best-of-breed, thanks to HTC and others, but this can’t be credited to MS.

So, these are the lists for and against staying with WM:

Stay with WM

  • 10 years of usage (habit)
  • It does work, most of the time
  • I have almost all the applications I need
  • MS Outlook synchronization. What about Outlook synchronization with Android? Android Market‘s web interface is bad to useless. It’s a Google product with no search! 🙁
  • HTC HD2

Leave WM

  • WM is not open. Android or Maemo would be candidates as open platforms
  • Most hip programs and services are first available on other platforms. Android is the only candidate here as the iPhone is closed, regulated and not the best hardware around
  • All else being equal, open platforms are also hosted by cheaper devices

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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