Open ID: Great idea, poor implementations

I’ve always been a major proponent of Open ID. I love the idea and the intention – it’s a great solution to a long-standing problem and solves a lot of issues for developers. Unfortunately it creates a ton more for business owners.

I am a fan of OpenID. Enough so to host my own. I am disappointed by the slow adoption rate. I am also disappointed by the fact that this makes sense, as I can’t even login to Google Friend Connect (GFC) with my OpenID any more (although it works fine elsewere, so I believe GFC is to blame).

Given the above, I understand (some of) OpenID’s issues. I do wish they weren’t there, but they are. So, the lesson I learn from this post is to never setup a site to authenticate its users only by OpenID. Until, hopefully, things change for the better.

Do you have any OpenID experience to share?

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