Feeds to Content & Categories Optimization in WordPress

At some point I added the category “Bookmarks” in Ice Tea tech. Thanks to the “YAAB” (short for Yet Another Auto Blogger) WordPress plugin, this category automatically gets its content directly from my Delicious feed. This way I get my own copy of what I put up there and my blog gets some added value in one move.

YAAB has an unusual but effective interface that allows adding content to any category of a WordPress blog from any number of feeds, even offering its own scheduler, if needed. It sure works as advertized.

Ever since then, I meant to further optimize the blog by separating the bookmarks from my other posts. This is just what I did, with the help of the “ACE” (short for Advanced Category Excluder) WordPress plugin. From now on, bookmark posts won’t appear in the main feed, like they don’t appear in the home page. For those interested, the Bookmarks feed is at (or find everything I post in my FriendFeed stream).

ACE gives a WordPress blogger full control over which Categories are hidden in any of 6 sections of their blog: Archive page, Home page, RSS feed for Posts, RSS feed for Comments, Search results & robots’ crawls. It is very straight forward, has a clean interface and works as advertized.

I consider both plugins to be great assets to WordPress blogs. Which are your favorite plugins? What functionality do you put/expect in a blog?

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