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Tue, Apr 30 22:00 – 23:15: 📡 AmAcad: ‘Understanding Implicit Bias and How to Combat it’
‘Understanding Implicit Bias and How to Combat it: A Morton L. Mandel Conversation | American Academy of Arts and Sciences’ (

Implicit bias is the residue of stereotyped associations and social patterns that are outside our conscious awareness but reinforce inequality in the world. The implications of implicit bias are present in every field, from law enforcement, to courts, education, medicine, and employment.  

Scientific inquiry has advanced our understanding of implicit bias in recent decades. It has also illuminated the limitations of certain cognitive measures and commonplace interventions, including some forms of diversity or implicit bias training used by corporations, universities, and other organizations.  How can we improve our knowledge base on effective strategies to counteract bias and its negative impacts on our nation?  What changes to organizational policies, procedures, and decision-making structures have shown promise?  And how can technologies be leveraged?

Join contributors to Understanding Implicit Bias, a recent volume of Dædalus, the Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, for a discussion of strategies and solutions.

(Online with registration)