Ning Greek Localization Error in Translation

I am a user of two Ning networks and I think it’s a great product-service!

Localizing everything can some times be a waste of effort. In other cases, localization (ie. of an infrastructure) can be well worth its while. Ning is such a case. In terms of multilanguage support prolepsis, as english is a simpler language than greek and others, building localization mechanisms is no easy task and translation can be tricky…

The case in point is four terms in Ning Forum’s messages greek translation. When Forum conversations grow long, pagination is introduced at the bottom of the page with the english messages “First”, “Previous”, “Next”, “Last”. The greek terms used for these messages are “Όνομα” (“honoma”), “Προηγούμενο” (“proeghumeno”, in Ning notation, where “h” shows where the word is stressed), “Επόμενο” (“ephomeno”), “Επώνυμο” (“ephonymo”) respectively. However:

  • “Όνομα” is greek for “First Name”, not “First Page”. The correct term would be “Πρώτη” (“prhoti”, “first in order”)
  • “Προηγούμενο” and “Επόμενο” are basically correct. In greek, however, adjectives have a gender. In this case the term refers to a page, which is “η σελίδα” in greek and has a she-gender. Therefore, the correct terms are “Προηγούμενη” (“proeghumeni”) and “Επόμενη” (“ephomeni”) respectively
  • “Επώνυμο” is greek for “Last Name” (or “Surname”), not “Last Page”. The correct term would be “Τελευταία” (“telefthea”, “last in order”)
Ning first-last messages in english

Ning first-last messages in english

Ning first-last greek translation (error)

Ning first-last messages in greek (translation error)

Thanks, Ning, for allowing us to built our own social networks. Please keep improving!

4 comments to Ning Greek Localization Error in Translation

  • I used to use Ning but then they started charging, so I haven’t been on in quite a while. Interesting article though and good to know this about the translation .

  • Thanks for your kind words.

    Unfortunately, in this case, quality hurts productivity due to the extensive research demands. I am looking for the golden section and I am open to suggestions.

  • I follow your internet site for quite a extended time and need tell that your content articles always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

  • Vicki Kolovou

    Ning allows you to change the translation of any keyword at administrator level. We actually changed it on one of our forums. The translation in Greek is by 99% ready as the system explains, while probably some definitions need corrections.
    Thanks for pointing out the corrections.

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