Archives vs.Microsoft Office

It is all over the news, but it’s not that new. Microsoft has just legitimized as an opponent office suite… Actually, Microsoft has been answering about Office vs. for quite a long time now.

Googling for “office vs. openoffice” (without the quotes) just returned “About 2,460 results” in the domain and 5 of these date back to 2001.

This reminds me of the time Microsoft compared Linux with Windows, legitimizing it as an opponent OS and marking the start of another era. Googling “windows vs linux” (again, without the quotes) for fun returned “About 13,500 results” in the domain and 6 of them date back to 2000 or earlier.

Is it history repeating itself? Hopefully, yes. Only the name to look after in the future will be libreoffice from, or whatever they finally call it.

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