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Mon, Oct 30, 2023 17:00 – 17:45: 📡 Fortra: Data Classification – Great Product; Awful Name
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Julius Caesar used data classification that ticked all of the boxes. These times are long gone.
Piers Chivers and Ian Davies claim that today the term “data classification” has been high-jacked by the market.
Is adding sensitivity labels enough for software vendors to call a product a data classification solution?

In this 30-minute webcast our experts will deep-dive into:

– What your organisation are and should be looking for data classification provider

– Which capabilities shall data classification really provide to claim its name

– Why are these capabilities crucial to ensure your data is secure throughout its entire lifecycle

– Real-world Use Cases where the term’s misuse is to be avoided at all costs

Our mission is to do data classification products justice and ensure organisations are getting data protection level they signed up for. We’ll dive into that and as well as share Fortra’s Data Classification approach.

Claim your spot at our October 30 webcast.

Piers Chivers, Product Manager, Fortra
Ian Davies, Channel Manager, Fortra (