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Mon, Sep 14 18:30 – 19:00: How to make your remote learning experiences stick
A talk by Ole Qvist-Sørensen

With a world gone almost all digital, many are searching for ways to create engaging remote learning experiences. This talk offers tips and tricks for making your online workshops and courses stick.

The main message of the talk is Visual Teachers + Visual Learners = Exponential Remote Learning

With a background in adult learning, visual thinking and facilitation, Ole gives you a glimpse of how workshops and courses are run at Bigger Picture Academy and presents simple ideas you can use for your own sessions.

Walk away with answers to these questions

– How do you create clarity about your content and the learning objectives of your workshops and training?
– How do you create strong connections with learners and help them engage with the material and the other participants?
– How do you use simple sketching techniques to strengthen thinking, communication and collaboration?
– How do you use online whiteboards like MURAL, MIRO and Stormboard to increase the value of your workshops and courses?

You can read more about Ole’s work in the book “” and learn more online at Bigger Picture Academy.