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Mon, Sep 14 22:00 – 22:30: Re-envisioning Education: Hybrid Solutions for Every Environment
A talk by Denise Eide

Educational publishers can no longer assume instruction will occur in a classroom. With COVID, everything has changed! Instructional materials now need to support teaching that can fluidly transition between the whole class, small groups, one-on-one, online, and parent-directed at-home learning. Discover how Logic of English is using the LearnsWorld platform to pivot during this critical time. Denise will share the philosophy Logic of English developed for free and paid courses. She will also explore the key project management guidelines that facilitated their small team in developing 31 courses and adding over 16,000 users in only five months. Finally, this course will touch on the LearnWorld tools used to build our courses as well as how we prioritized features to facilitate rapid course development.