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Sat, Jan 30 14:00 – 21:00: Kids Technology Expo Richmond Virginia | (202) 674-4862 | Impie Techie

Qualification: If your child can understand what a binarynumber is, he or she qualifies.

Introducing children to the wonders of Information Technology.
Children will attend a conference and get to share ideas with other children.
Groups of 4 will be formed andchildren will assemble a mini internet.
Children will interact {playvideo games and send messages} between computers across the network they build.
boxed lunch will be served
children will learn how to bea disc-jockey (DJ) with real professional DJ equipment.
Children will have a small party with music, snacks and drinks.
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Computer support Richmond Virginia
Computer support Washington DC (Richmond Marriott @ 500 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia23219 United States)